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What is the purpose of this program. My boyfriend is very suspicious and paranoid of everything I do on my phone and if I cannot explain what. xda-developers Samsung Galaxy S 5 Galaxy S 5 General IOT/Hidden Menu Samsung Galaxy S5 by guivanni. I've looked up how to find the IOT hidden menu on the S5 and everybody says there isn't one. To access the IOT/Hidden menu on the S5 follow steps below. Uploaded October 25, at AM PDT by john smith. Advertisement. Verified safe to install (read more). Download APK. There's a newer version available.

IOTHiddenMenu. By Samsung Electronics Co., IOTHiddenMenu March 25, March 25 IOTHiddenMenu October 25, I Would like to know if any one has any knowledge about how to how to access the iot hidden menu on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Hidden pieces of code have been a part of computer software for decades. Referred to as easter eggs, they show up when a specific (and.

July 22, - Written By Daniel Fuller MIUI Hidden Settings is a slightly deceptively named app that can help owners of just about any phone running Android. AnyConnect real-time VideoPTT. a microphone, a key interlock device - IOT sensor works - Barcode, QR scanner works - Automatic handover feature (server .

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