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Hci memtest deluxe

MemTest Pro, $5: delivered via email. The Pro version is a Windows program that extends the free version. It is tuned to the needs of users who diagnose the. The normal version of MemTest is a Windows program, and is free for non- commercial or home use. MemTest is a RAM tester that runs under Windows. Particularly significant for Deluxe users. (c) HCI Design (memtest_questions

Anandtech says that HCI's is the way to go to test stability in a memory, Trying to Diagnose my Dual Xeon E5 Build - passed HCI memtest and. I am currently trying to test this system's stability. Although it passes LinX 20 passes at full memory problem size, it will consistently fail Prime I've been trying to test the stability of my RAM on my k using HCI Memtest. As seen on other posts, I use 90% of my 16gb RAM, spread.

I just bought 32GB of Crucial Ballistix Sport; I tested them with HCI's Memtest ( until % only), it reported no errors, so i'm cool with it. Originally Posted by happyluckbox For gb of ram you need hci memtest pro right? No you do not. But with your CPU you have to manually. Testing memory with hci memory test, it looks like you need to run one per CPU thread. For my Ryzen 8 core / 16 thread I am running

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