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Transmission readynas

Transmission for legacy ReadyNAS systems: DUO v2 (RNDv2), NV+ v2 (RNDv2) you may download the latest versions of Transmission client for NETGEAR ReadyNAS storage systems from my GitHub: The latest maintained version for legacy ReadyNAS systems is Since I was asked to provide a newer version of the Transmission app for ReadyNAS OS 6, here we go: TransmissionBT (ReadyNAS OS 6. Why no version for ReadyNAS OS 4 Sparc? The simple reason is that some changes to the Transmission code base are incompatible with.

You can expand the functionality of your ReadyNAS storage system by installing applications. Currently, more than 50 free apps are available and the list is. ReadyNAS. Newest Build · Forum Help. D-Link DNS & CH3SNAS Newest Build. Synology Newest Build · Support Forum. IP Box Newest Build. Transmission client for legacy NETGEAR ReadyNAS systems on ARM architecture - DUO v2 (RNDv2) and NV+ v2 (RNDv2).

Transmission client for current line of NETGEAR ReadyNAS OS6 systems on ARM architecture - ReadyNAS , series, and others. 13 Jan - 10 min - Uploaded by Thara Sabaichit When you try to install Transmission package on Synology DSM, you may encounter many. Hi, I have a ReadyNAS NAS, with Transmission installed which I use for torrents. I have just been using transmission on a ReadyNAS and needed more storage space which is why I went with FreeNAS, it has not been an.

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