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Longas lpg software

logo of LPG system Longas on, Longas, Founded in by Giuseppe Longhi, who has skilfully directed it for more of 45 years, Longas Italia is still. Biggest LPG Conversions Systems Online Shop Worldwide. Parts and Accessories, Equipment for Autogas and LPG. 1 Sep - 5 min - Uploaded by Jason Duffield LPG tuning - a step by step guide to tuning in Ag software.

Autogas Conversion Systems Software - Download Free: Lovato, BRC, Zavoli, Fobos, Tamona, Progas, Egas, Europe gas, AC stag, Landi Renzo, Megajet, AGR . Posted in: July 24, by Ygraeriokinisi-LPG | No comments. FEMITEC GERMANY ECU MA-L4 SafeFast — v AutoGas Italia Injector Size software EuropeGas Mach Pro Mach Pro Longas. Injection DGI — v1. Lovato. Longas = (PRO) Programming Interface Kit. Uni Prog King Lpg,Autogas,Gpl, Cng Pro Programming Interface Tuning Kit . Free Software CD with purchase.

Advantages of converting car into autogas are numerous. Depending on the country, where the vehicle will be driven, it is always good idea to fit cng or lpg.

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