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Upstream released the last version of the g77 front end with GCC gfortran is now considered a viable replacement for g However. I'm not sure about what happened to the g77 compiler - apparently, it was present in older versions of Ubuntu, but not anymore, at least not in. For various historical reasons, g77 has been declared obsolete, and has been replaced by gfortran. This page is intended to help those making the transition.

have you used g77 or Netbeans http:// g77 in Debian , Tim Barnes, 2/26/97 AM. Does this work for anyone? It installs fine, but then I try to use it and gcc doesn't recognise fortran files. eg. I did the following: 1) Downloaded g77 for 64 bits from here /download// 2) Then did.

g77 is NOT in any Intrepid repository - This is dreadful. . I see it is still available in debian etch, so there should be no reason not to include it. I would be happy to just install g77 or f77 from source for them, but I can't seem to Is there really no true FORTRAN 77 compiler on Debian?. Current gcc distributions and the one can still coexist in Linux Ubuntu/Debian, provided that a proper installation of g77 and gcc is done. Two packages. Looking forward at the Debian etch release on the horizon and at upcoming Ubuntu releases, I had a first look at making g77 the secondary.

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