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Dial tune

dialtune is a patented drum technology that makes tuning drums and replacing drum heads easier. Set your caller tune from a collection of over 4 lac songs with Jio Tunes for free. To know how to choose & set your favourite song as hello tune visit Express yourself with personalized Caller Tunes. Play your favorite songs on every call.

How to Subscribe to Zong Dial Tunes Let your friends and family hear your favorite tunes every time they call you!. Instead of making your callers listen to. make your favorite song your airtel hello tunes. copy, share and even gift your friends. You would be amazed with the fact that both these terms mean xactly the same thing. However, all it is concerned is with branding! “Hello tunes” are same as.

Zong dial tunes give you a chance to Say it all even before you pick up your caller's phone. When your friends call you, they no longer have to hear that boring. Do you want your callers to listen to Zong dial Tunes (hottest new songs, melodies, naats, national songs, your own recorded message etc). Bored from the beep beep tune that your callers are hearing? With Caller Tunes service from etisalat, you can now give the right welcome to your callers.

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